Visiting a restaurant predisposes to unwinding and enjoying the food, and what better than having children’s corner . In Villa Mare you can find all this, and delicious food is guaranteed. We have a wide selection of dishes and sometimes you may wonder what exactly to order?

Today we will help you choose a dish by giving you some fresh ideas for some of our most popular offerings. The entire assortment that we offer is enriched with fresh products, prepared with a lot of love and attention to detail. Each of our dishes is a delight for the senses. You will be convinced of this from the very first bite.

  • DAIRY VEAL cooked according to the French technology “sous vide” (or SOU-VIDE), garnished with fluffy mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms with herb oil and roasted onions, served with braten sauce with truffle.
  • PEPPERONI PIZZA, including spicy chorizo salami, mozzarella, tomato sauce, olives.
  • FRESH BLACK SEA MILOKOP (or also known as MINOKOP).
  • SALAD “VILLA MARE” surf and turf with grilled octopus, ham, sweet vegetables flavored with mustard-lemon dressing.< /li>

You can enjoy these and our other offers in a pleasant atmosphere and good service!

You can view the entire menu of the Villa Mare restaurant here.