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At Villa Mare, food celebrates with a NEW SUMMER MENU!

We are happy to present our new summer menu, which promises an unforgettable culinary experience. The season brings with it a wealth of fresh ingredients and flavors that our chefs have transformed into exquisite dishes designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

The new seasonal offers

Villa Mare invites you to enjoy meals that satisfy the hunger and the senses with our new summer menu. We have prepared a variety of seasonal offers that combine the best fresh products and innovative culinary techniques.

Our new delights include a variety of salads, hot appetizers, main courses that will satisfy every taste. At the Villa Mare restaurant, food is prepared with attention to detail and striving for perfection to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience. Our chefs use only the freshest seasonal produce to ensure high quality and taste.

Introducing some of our new seasonal menu heroes:

Salad “Crunchy”
This salad combines the freshness of vegetables and the sweetness of fruit in combination with creamy goat cheese, and the finish with truffle olive oil adds an extra depth of flavor.

Live salad
A salad of micro plants, which is complemented by the freshness of avocado and the aroma of herbal olive oil – light and healthy, perfect for hot summer days.

Bruschetta with avocado and poached egg
Classic bruschetta with avocado and poached egg, garnished with cherry tomatoes, red onion and garlic – a perfect choice for a light lunch or dinner.

Veal carpaccio
Finely sliced veal carpaccio served with pine nuts, arugula and Parmesan – a true classic for meat lovers.

Beef and shrimp popcorn
This innovative combination of ground beef, bacon and shrimp flavored with soy sauce and kimchi will surprise you with its richness of flavors.

Crispy Meaty Patties
Beef mince, egg, mozzarella and parmesan wrapped in crispy skins and served with an aromatic sauce.

Broccoli steak with chickpea cream
A healthy and tasty choice – broccoli steak served with chickpea cream flavored with garlic and curry.

Pan-fried beef sausage with potato gratin and crispy octopus
Juicy beef sausage served with creamy potato gratin and crispy octopus for a true gourmet experience.

Steamed white fish fillet, Mediterranean sauce with shrimps
Steamed white fish fillet combined with Mediterranean sauce, prawns, pea puree and lemon sauce. Garnished with cherry tomatoes, olives and capers to finish.

Updated Wine List

To complement the taste experience, we have also updated our wine list. Enjoy carefully selected wines that will accentuate and complement the flavors of our new summer menu. Carefully selected white wines will highlight the freshness and lightness of seafood, while our refined red wines will add depth and complexity to heavier meat dishes. Wine connoisseurs will find a variety of aromatic and full-bodied wines to suit every taste and preference.

Villa Mare is the perfect place for the whole family and for any occasion! While you enjoy our meals, your children can have fun in the specially designated children’s corner, where our bright animator and unique interior contribute to the good mood of our youngest visitors.
Welcome to Villa Mare garden restaurant located in the heart of St. St. Konstantin and Elena, near the city of Varna, to enjoy these exceptional tastes, unforgettable emotions and immerse yourself in the summer culinary adventure!

Make your reservation by calling 0887 551 551 today!

Organize Unforgettable Corporate and Christmas Parties at the Refined Villa Mare Restaurant in St. St. Constantine and Elena

The holiday season brings with it exciting opportunities to create unforgettable memories with colleagues and loved ones. In this special period, the Villa Mare restaurant in the resort complex St. St. Konstantin and Elena, not far from Varna, offers you the perfect location for your company parties, Christmas parties and celebrations.

With its elegant atmosphere and professional service, Villa Mare is the place where every event becomes a special occasion to celebrate. Our experienced team ensures your party runs smoothly by offering you a wide selection of delicious dishes from our menu, which you can view here.

Whether you are in the process of planning company parties in Varna or company Christmas parties, Villa Mare is your place. With its welcoming and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant is ideal for events in our garden and in our elegant lounge, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the resort complex of St. St. Constantine and Elena.

For the youngest guests, we have an equipped children’s corner, where children can have fun in a safe and fun environment, while you enjoy the evening. Check out our children’s corner here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the season with colleagues or family in one of the most refined restaurants in the Varna area. Book your place at the Villa Mare restaurant today and make your company or Christmas party unforgettable!

4 reasons to visit Villa Mare Garden Restaurant

Ресторант с градина Варна, Ресторант градина Варна

Villa Mare Garden Restaurant is an iconic gem in the peaceful and charming Black Sea resort of St. St. Constantine and Elena. With its sophisticated setting and captivating atmosphere, the restaurant creates memories to last a lifetime. In case you haven’t visited yet, the following 4 reasons will make you fix your mistake as soon as possible.

A menu that tempts all the senses

Villa Mare Restaurant works with a rich author’s menu, combining classics and modern fusion in an elegant way. Each dish is an exciting journey to an exotic destination or an original interpretation of a familiar traditional recipe. Our chef carefully selects quality products to create masterpieces that are both tempting and healthy. With us, food is an emotion that you will experience with all your senses.

An escape from the gray everyday life

If your routine has gripped you to the point where the small joys in life are invisible to you, then it’s time for a little variety. In our restaurant you will be greeted with a smile and a friendly attitude. We will accommodate you in a pleasant and conducive atmosphere. We will try to lift your mood and give you back the feeling of beauty, peace and harmony with the surrounding world.

Inspiration for your holiday

Do you have a celebration coming up that you don’t know where and how to organize? Welcome to Villa Mare garden restaurant. Our team will take care of everything your celebration and guests need. If you wish, we will take care of the decoration and offer a special menu themed for the occasion. We know how to turn a personal or professional celebration into a real event!

Ресторант с градина Варна, Ресторант градина Варна

Dinner out with the kids is now a mission possible

At Villa Mare, parents deservedly get their much-needed rest and minutes for a quiet conversation. In our dedicated children’s corner, the little ones have everything they need for an unforgettable game. Professional entertainers will keep them entertained throughout. Mom and dad can rest easy – our children’s corner is fully secured and located just an arm’s length from the restaurant.

To taste all these priceless emotions and tastes, make your reservation for the Villa Mare Restaurant on 0887 551 551 today!

Dinner Etiquette: What to Order on a Romantic Date

Romantic dinners are a popular way to spend time together outside. If you have received an invitation to a meeting at our Villa Mare restaurant, you will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and a view of the sea while you get to know the other person – what is his character, what are his hobbies, what are his interests. While these types of romantic dates are exciting, they can often be stressful—especially if you’re unsure of dinner etiquette. In this article, we will share some valuable tips to give you confidence for your future dinner date – what rules to follow and what to order with us.

First Date Etiquette

Whether you’re going to a fancy restaurant or dining out in a more casual setting, it’s a good idea to keep the following things in mind:

  • Don’t assume the gentleman will foot the bill – ladies, be prepared to pay your share of the dinner. Don’t take for granted that men are gentlemen. Or, if you’re sure this will happen, don’t order from the most expensive dishes on the menu. Show modesty and say thank you for the treat at the end.
  • Keep drinking to a minimum – this applies to both the gentleman and the lady. Getting drunk on a first date makes a bad impression. That’s why we recommend not exceeding your drinking limit and staying sober until the very end of the evening.
  • Avoid controversial topics of conversation – don’t start discussions related to politics, money or religion. These are sensitive topics that could lead to conflict. The first date is about getting to know each other – try to focus more on finding out what each other likes and have fun.

What to order for dinner

We offer a list of several golden rules that will help you choose a suitable dish from the restaurant menu. What to bet on At a romantic dinner, it’s best to be yourself and focus on foods you love, rather than experimenting with things you’ve never tried before.

  • Start with bites or cheese/sausage platter – it’s a great way to casually share food with each other.
  • Order main course that will minimize the risk of dripping – avoid soups and other liquid foods. From the Villa Mare menu, we recommend trying the pork neck steak, the Viennese schnitzel of pork loin, or if you avoid meat – you can take a look at our rich vegan menu.
  • Choose an exquisite dish that will demonstrate your good culinary taste. You can’t go wrong with Villa Mare’s menu, but if you’re still hesitating about what to order, we recommend duck magret, sea bass or one of the most our new offers – pork pieces from “Iberico” mushroom ragout and focaccia.
  • Share a dessert – for a sweet end to the evening, you can trust our tempting offers – tiramisu, chocolate soufflé with a scoop of ice cream or a classic biscuit cake.

What to avoid We will also recall a few dishes to avoid on a first date and leave for tasting at a later stage of your relationship.

  • Avoid foods containing garlic and onions to prevent bad breath;
  • Don’t order spicy food and don’t season the dish with chili – you risk getting into a delicate situation, as you have no way of knowing how spicy you will tolerate it.

Plan your unforgettable romantic date at Villa Mare restaurant

With us you will enjoy a unique atmosphere and excellent tasting dishes! Therefore, you can trust us for your first meeting without worrying that something could go wrong. Book your table with us!

Celebrate the 8th of March at Villa Mare Restaurant

One of the most tender holidays of the year is approaching – Women’s Day. And what could be better than to be celebrated in pleasant company in an exceptional place like the Villa Mare restaurant.

On the 8th of March, Tuesday, we will be expecting the ladies, together with their partners, families or friends for a special evening. We will provide a suitable environment to make you relax and enjoy your experience with us.

The Villa Mare staff will take care of everything so that you can spend an unforgettable evening for the celebration of women. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be a table available if you decide to come at the last minute. So anticipate that you will need a reservation.

You can book a place, both inside and in our year-round garden. And for our youngest guests, we have planned a children’s corner, which is one door away from the restaurant.

To make a reservation, call 0887 551 551!

We look forward to celebrating March 8th together at Villa Mare!

What to expect at Villa Mare Restaurant

Are you looking for a place to spend a relaxing evening with friends, family or your significant other? Villa Mare Restaurant offers a setting and a menu that are suitable for all occasions and companies. Find out exactly what you can expect with us in the following lines.

Sophisticated menu

At Villa Mare you can find a rich menu where everyone will find something to their taste. With us, the ingredients of the dishes are specially selected to bring pleasure to the person who tastes them. Our customers can taste both our various specialties and our magnificent desserts. In addition, we have a wide selection of wines and soft drinks in our restaurant.

Professional service

The service offered at the Villa Mare restaurant is always at a high level. We value our customers immensely, and because of that, our staff cares about their experience. If you have any special requirements, please contact the staff. They will do their best to satisfy your wishes and make your experience at the restaurant as pleasant as possible.

Pleasant atmosphere

The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant and relaxing. If you need to escape from the gray everyday life Villa Mare is the right place for you. Here you will enjoy delicious food and professional service, as well as an excellent atmosphere.


Villa Mare Restaurant offers a garden that is open all year round. The interior is in a modern and clean style. The garden, on the other hand, has live plants that have a calming effect and give freshness to the atmosphere. Surrounded by greenery, you can enjoy delicious food and conversations with friends.

Children’s corner

There is also a children’s corner on the territory of the Villa Mare restaurant, where you can let the little ones have fun. The toys there are specially selected to be completely safe for all ages. The space for children is divided into two parts – an inner one with lots of toys and an outer one full of swings and slides.

Villa Mare offers everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Visit us!

5 ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day in Varna

This year, “Valentine’s Day” falls on a Monday, and the activities you can do with your significant other are somewhat limited. But this should not be an obstacle to spending an unforgettable day! We want to help you with some holiday ideas suitable for couples of different ages:

Stay home and spend time together

Instead of coming up with different activities outside why not spend the evening on St. Valentine together at home. Here are some activities you can do:

  • make popcorn and watch your favorite movie;
  • to cook your favorite meal together;
  • to play your favorite board games.

The idea here is to simply enjoy your company and remember how the magic of your love began.

Take a walk on the beach

Maybe in February you won’t be very warm by the sea, but the love in your hearts will warm you. The important thing is to be with your loved one and have fun.

Go ice skating

Ice skating can be both romantic and quite fun. The interesting part comes when you can’t skate or are a beginner on the ice. In this way, you will learn to help each other and enjoy each other’s company.

On clear skies, go stargazing

You don’t need a telescope to perform such an encounter. All you need is a blanket, something warm to drink, and possibly a stargazing app. This way you will be able to recognize constellations or rather learn quite a few new ones! And to make it more romantic, you can even combine the star experience with a walk on the beach and even light a fire on the sand at the end.

Enjoy a romantic dinner at the Villa Mare restaurant

In addition to delicious food and friendly service in the luxurious Villa Mare restaurant, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere both inside and in our garden. If you want such a romantic evening, don’t forget to make a reservation!

In case you have a child, the restaurant also has a children’s corner where they can play with other children while you enjoy your romantic company.

We hope you have an unforgettable St. Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to show your love every day of the year!

5 most popular dishes at Villa Mare

Visiting a restaurant predisposes to unwinding and enjoying the food, and what better than having children’s corner . In Villa Mare you can find all this, and delicious food is guaranteed. We have a wide selection of dishes and sometimes you may wonder what exactly to order?

Today we will help you choose a dish by giving you some fresh ideas for some of our most popular offerings. The entire assortment that we offer is enriched with fresh products, prepared with a lot of love and attention to detail. Each of our dishes is a delight for the senses. You will be convinced of this from the very first bite.

  • DAIRY VEAL cooked according to the French technology “sous vide” (or SOU-VIDE), garnished with fluffy mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms with herb oil and roasted onions, served with braten sauce with truffle.
  • PEPPERONI PIZZA, including spicy chorizo salami, mozzarella, tomato sauce, olives.
  • FRESH BLACK SEA MILOKOP (or also known as MINOKOP).
  • SALAD “VILLA MARE” surf and turf with grilled octopus, ham, sweet vegetables flavored with mustard-lemon dressing.< /li>

You can enjoy these and our other offers in a pleasant atmosphere and good service!

You can view the entire menu of the Villa Mare restaurant here.