Santa Claus will be making his first stop earlier this year, and this magical place will be none other than Villa Mare Restaurant!

On December 12th, we invite all parents to give their children an unforgettable festive day in our specially equipped children’s corner. On this day of wonders and magic, the little ones will have a unique opportunity to have fun and decorate a Christmas tree together with Santa Claus himself and his most faithful helpers – the elves. The magic will reach its peak when each child receives their special gift, presented with love and care.

While the children experience their magical moments, parents can enjoy our exquisite author’s dishes, offering a delicious journey for the senses, all in a calm and cozy atmosphere that Villa Mare Restaurant proudly offers. The festive spirit and the warmth of the holiday are guaranteed in our refined establishment.


Santa’s sleigh will arrive at the Villa Mare Restaurant at 19:30.

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