Eating out with kids is a doable task without having to go to a fast food restaurant. Getting your kids into the habit of eating out takes some effort, but the rewards are worth it for a real family experience! You will create pleasant moments together while enjoying delicious food in a special environment.

Children absorb what happens around them like a sponge. The more activities you do with your children, the more they will learn about the world around them. Sooner or later, children will learn to behave politely and decently in public places, and the sooner you start involving them in this type of activity, the faster they will acquire useful habits. Here are some more benefits of going to a good restaurant with the whole family:

  • Trying new foods may make your child less picky

This is a great opportunity to introduce children to the idea of trying new things. A well-prepared, nutritious and healthy meal at Villa Mare will turn dinner into a real event for children – they will know that the food is prepared and presented with care and care; that it is not only the taste that matters, but also the placement and appearance of the plate.

  • Dinner at a formal place is a big test for kids

This is a test of how well a child can behave decently and well-mannered in an environment where there are many distractions – other people, children, etc. Sometimes children find it difficult to concentrate for a long time even on the words of a parent. However, if you set an example of how to behave in such an environment, the child will develop habits with which he will follow your example in other places.


How to enjoy dinner at a restaurant with children

While dining out every now and then can be refreshing, getting the kids involved in a camping trip also has its benefits. In our exquisite restaurant, everyone at the table can enjoy delicious food, exquisite drinks and fun conversation. To ensure you have a good time, you need to develop a strategy to keep your kids’ attention during dinner. Here are some tips to help ensure quality outdoor fun.

When choosing a fine dining restaurant, we recommend staying in a place that will not only satisfy your tastes, but also entertain the little ones. We recommend avoiding fast food restaurants, as hamburger and fries are not included in healthy eating recipes for teenagers. Here you will find specialty menu with carefully selected products and ingredients. At Villa Mare we care about the experience of every visitor, regardless of his age. With us, you definitely don’t have to compromise on the quality of food or the child-friendly atmosphere. In the children’s corner you will find professional care from an animator, who will guarantee a good mood for your children.

  • Dinner before training at home

When teaching children about eating in public places, it is useful to prepare them in advance for the environment and atmosphere outside. This is why you can “coach” feeding at home by teaching your baby how to eat and behave as if he were outside. Regular “training” helps children develop sustainable habits.

Teach your child to speak more quietly at the table and to wait patiently for food to be served. Keep things your child won’t see in a restaurant away from the dining area. For example, you can turn off the TV, put your phone or tablet in another room. This way you will highlight distracting components so that the child learns how to behave while waiting for food in a restaurant.

  • Reserve the masa at the restaurant 30 minutes before the usual storage time for ten

The timing of your dinner plans matters. If possible, we recommend that you grab a table in a restaurant and place your order with the waiter no later than 30 minutes before your children’s usual meal time. This way, when the food arrives, they will already be hungry, but not to the point of getting angry.

When choosing a time to eat outside the home, it is good that it does not coincide with the child’s usual bedtime. In such a situation, he will feel drowsy, and fatigue can lead to unpleasant experiences. The child will fight the urge to sleep, which will make him more moody and more prone to irritation. If possible, choose a time for dinner after your nap.

If you require special care, such as a high chair or blanket for your child, please do not hesitate to let our wait staff know. We will ensure that your family has the best possible experience while staying at Villa Mare.

  • Discuss with your children what is and is not allowed in public.